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CAS: 1191237-80-5

IUPAC Name: D-​Altrononitrile, 2-​C-​(4-​aminopyrrolo[2,​1-​f]​[1,​2,​4]​triazin-​7-​yl)​-​2,​5-​anhydro-​3,​4-​O-​(1-​methylethylidene)​-

Molecular weight: 331.33 g/mol

Molecular formula: C15H17N5O4


Nucleoside is an essential building block to the synthesis of Remdesivir triphosphate (1355149-45-9) and Remdesivir (1809249-37-3). Nucleoside derivate is used in the treatment of Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). This fatal disease affects cats and is caused by a virus from a group of coronavirus. Remdesivir is nucleoside prodrug that metabolizes into GS-441524 which is phosphorylated to Remdesivir triphosphate. This phosphorus analog is mainly an active compound in the treatment of Ebola and COVID-19.

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