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Favipiravir T 705 is provided by Santiago Lab. It is one of the 5 compounds recommended by WHO for the investigation of treatment of COVID-19. You can order Favipiravir individually or as a set of 5 antivirotics recommended by WHO. More info

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Favipiravir T 705

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CAS: 259793-96-9

IUPAC Name: 5-fluoro-2-oxo-1H-pyrazine-3-carboxamide

Other names: 6-fluoro-3-hydroxy-2-pyrazinecarboxamide; Avigan; T-705 cpd; Favipiravir

Molecular weight: 157.10 g/mol

Molecular formula:C5H4FN3O2


Favipiravir, also known as T-705, or Avigan, is a novel RNA polymerase inhibitor. This antiviral drug has shown activity against many RNA viruses, influenza viruses, West Nile virus, yellow fever virus, foot-and-mouth disease virus as well as other flaviviruses, arenaviruses, bunyaviruses and alphaviruses. Activity against enteroviruses and Rift Valley fever virus has also been proven. Favipiravir does not inhibit RNA or DNA synthesis in mammalian cells and is not toxic to them. In March 2015 was completed a Phase III clinical trial studying the safety and efficacy of Favipiravir in the treatment of influenza. Recently Favipiravir was being studied in China for experimental treatment of COVID-19.

Favipiravir is a pyrazinecarboxamide derivative and it was developed by Toyama Chemical (Fujifilm group) in Japan. This derivative is a prodrug that is metabolized to its active form, favipiravir-ribofuranosyl-5′-triphosphate (favipiravir-RTP). Hypoxanthine guaninephosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) is believed to play a key role in this activation process in the human body.

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