We have saved you time required for searching. We have created an antivirotic set containing 5 compounds recommended by WHO as the promising candidates for the treatment of COVID-19. All these compounds together and in excellent purity can be shipped to you in 48 hours. Final price with shipping is 800 EUR.

Set contains
  • 10 mg Azithromycin | CAS 83905-01-5 | Purity 98 % | Certificate
  • 10 mg Favipiravir | CAS 259793-96-9 | Purity 99 % | Certificate
  • 10 mg Hydroxychloroquine | CAS 118-42-3 | Purity 98 % | Certificate
  • 10 mg Chloroquine | CAS 54-05-7 | Purity 99 % | Certificate
  • 10 mg Remdesivir | CAS 1809249-37-3 | Purity 99 % | Certificate

All chemicals are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Compounds in this AVIROMIX product are for research use only. We do not sell to patients. 

In stock

Given the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, it is proving necessary to research and prepare new drugs that could stop the spread of viruses (not only COVID-19) in the body. For this reason, previously prepared active substances are extensively tested, which have been investigated, for example, against Ebola virus. Very recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for extensive testing of selected substances to manage the current pandemic. We at Santiago Lab have decided to make these antiviral drugs available to you (you can read more about our efforts at the begining of COVID-19 crisis here). We put them in one set that we have in stock and we are ready to send it to you immediately. Within the EU, you can have all these substances in your laboratory within 48 hours of ordering.

Chemicals are distributed worldwide

  • All chemicals are in stock and ready to be shipped
  • Worldwide shipping through DHL in 48 hours 
  • All compounds are safely and rigorously packed


  • We are sending the invoice the same day as the shipment
  • We are able to modify the invoice for the academic institution, so the order can be paid from grants  

Individual compounds ordering

If you need to buy larger quantities of any compound from our set (you need more than 10 mg), you can add them to your order individually, see the following products

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