October 18, 2021|Managment | 3 Min Read
In Santiago Lab, we are working on various exciting projects for many international clients. Usually, depending on the level of complexity, literature precedents, and other factors either FFS (fee for [...]
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Fighting viruses with nucleotide prodrugs at Santiago Lab

October 11, 2021|Antivirals, Nucleosides | 4 Min Read

During the course of the last decades, outstanding efforts were devoted to design and develop nucleotide prodrugs to be employed as potential therapeutic agents, especially for the treatment of human […]

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Antibiotics at SantiagoLab

October 8, 2021|Antibiotics | 3 Min Read

The discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin (Figure 1), by Alexander Fleming in 1928 was a major breakthrough in the treatment of various, until that time fatal, infections. Figure 1. […]

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